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A Celebration of Inclusive Education: The 2024 SEA Steiner Teacher Support Conference

A Celebration of Inclusive Education: The 2024 SEA Steiner Teacher Support Conference

The 2024 SEA Steiner Teacher Support Conference was hosted by Warrah Specialist school. Founded in 1969, Warrah Specialist School offers a caring and supportive community that provides quality and individualised education for students with moderate to severe intellectual disability and complex learning needs.

As the only Steiner based special (specialist) school in Australia the students, staff and parents are nurtured by a guiding philosophy which treats each person with reverence.

Headed by school Principal, Anna Wetzel and her team of dedicated staff and teachers the school nurtures students in a range of practical tasks, such as spinning and weaving, woodwork, harvesting and cooking. This allows students to engage in practical life skills as well as academic learning, through practical, meaningful activities.

Fittingly, this year’s main conference topic was centred around supporting students of all needs and abilities, creating an inclusive learning environment within Steiner Classrooms.

As a school partner supplying educational supplies for the classroom, Mercurius Australia was privileged to be invited by SEA to showcase our products at this important event. Surrounded by lush woodlands on one side and a Biodynamic Farm on the other, we could not have asked for a better backdrop to set up our display stand and talk to teachers.

It was a pleasure to meet and speak to teachers near and far (including a participant from Ecuador!). Not only showcasing our product range but to also learn and listen to how Mercurius can help provide useful resources for an inclusive Steiner Classroom.

This was also our first opportunity to unveil and showcase our new Pastel Blackboard Chalk. It did not take long before we obtained enthusiastic approval from Warrah's Class 1 teacher, Nathalie after she used the new chalk to create the beautiful Autumn drawing and welcome board pictured.

To top it off, all conference participants were treated to a powerful and emotionally moving performance by the legendary storyteller, Dawn Hangman as well as dazzling performance by the great pianist, that many of our Steiner schools will know, Stuart Wright.

A huge thank you to Nikki (SEA events planner and co-ordinator) for being so accommodating and to Anna (Warrah Principal) and Leanne (Warrah Business Manager) for welcoming us with open arms.

As we reflect on this transformative experience, we are reminded of the vital importance of Steiner education in serving students of all abilities. By leading with reverence, empathy and a whole-child approach, educators can unlock the vast potential in every student. The 2024 conference was a shining example of this principle in action.


A Celebration of Inclusive Education: The 2024 SEA Steiner Teacher Support Conference
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