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Square Folding Paper Light 60gm 500 ass sheets 10 colours

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Our folding paper is an indispensable and very versatile aid for crafting and in the classroom.

It is especially suitable for drawing and folding techniques like Origami. It is often used in class for fractional mathematics and is also perfect for flow charts on a pinboard.

Wondering about Kite Paper?

Kite Paper is a semi-transparent paper ideal for making window stars, transparencies, lanterns and many other creative projects; and it is food-safe!

Kite paper's official name is Glassen Paper. With a 'waxy' feeling and is often mistakenly referred to as Wax or Waxey paper.

Interestingly,  it is made without wax, the paper properties are quite different to wax paper, and the waxy feeling is an intentional result of the way the paper is made.

Glassen paper is made from paper pulp that undergoes a special 'making' process. It is not coated with anything nor does it have anything 'extra' added to the pulp. The process itself creates the qualities in the paper - durability, transparency, shine, and the waxy feeling.

Our Kite paper is certified as safe to wrap foodstuffs and is water-repellant (not water-proof). This means everything in it is non-toxic and yes it will indeed biodegrade, and is vegan-safe!

Read on for more information about selecting the right folding paper for your next creative idea...

Selecting the Right Folding Paper for Your Craft Project

Our selection of window star, folding paper and origami paper is perfect for beginners and experts, adults and kids alike. Whether you're crafting for fun or following detailed origami paper folding step-by-step tutorials, our range has something for everyone.

  • Kite Paper: Not just for creating flying kites and beautiful lanterns, this paper is also a popular choice for those looking to add a touch of magic to their windows. Firm and with a wax-like texture, in vibrant translucent tones, it's perfect for creating Waldorf Stars and other beautiful decorations. And it's food-safe as well - so perfect for wrapping edible gifts!

  • Japanese Tissue Paper: Known for its silky, delicate texture and wide range of colours, including primary, pastel and metallic, this translucent paper is perfect for crafting tissue paper flowers, stained glass art, and Waldorf window stars. It's delicate nature also make it a favourite for making Christmas fairies and lanterns, adding a light, ethereal quality to any project.

  • Origami Folding Paper: The choice for origami enthusiasts, this paper is ideal for crane paper folding and other animal shapes like butterflies and dragons, as well as stars, boats, flowers, and hearts. Whether you're following an origami paper folding step-by-step guide or experimenting with your designs, this paper will elevate your creations.

Our entire collection of folding papers is sustainably crafted from premium, safe materials, offering a wide array of colours with exceptional foldability and versatility for all your creative projects. Happy crafting!

Can I order Out of Stock Items?

Yes, if you are a School Account holder. We will let you know the ETA and deliver Back orders as soon as possible. For BTS or Semester Pre-Orders, we will be in touch to confirm and finalise your orders.

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  • Specifications
  • Usage
  • Mercurius
  • Made in: France
    Includes: 500x Sheets of Paper in 10 Colours
    12cm, 16cm, 20cm (choose from the dropdown)
    Paper Weight:
    60gsm (Light)

  • Usage: Suitable for folding techniques like Origami. Can be used for drawing as well as many craft and mathematical projects.

  • Mercurius products support the holistic development of the child through education, art and play. Key to the Mercurius ethos is social inclusion. Mercurius works with a number of sheltered workshops and initiatives, where everyone is unique and able to contribute and feel included within society. Learn more about Mercurius...