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Mercurius Educational and Art Products - Mercurius Australia
Mercurius educational and art products - Mercurius Australia

Education and Creativity with Heart, Head and Hands

Mercurius is the leading supplier of Steiner School and Early Childhood programs. With over 30 years of serving educators around the world, Mercurius has developed a unique selection of products especially tailored to the needs of Steiner schools and teachers.

Increasingly other schools and independent school programs recognise the unque qualities and pedagogical value of what the Mercurius range of products has to offer, making them very sought after and appreciated.

Mercurius educational and art products - Mercurius Australia

Sustainably-produced products for art and music instruction, classic school supplies, toys, imaginative play, as well as candles, and quality school products.

Being part of the Neuguss foundation, Mercurius operates under a different financial approach that is in keeping with the concept of Social threefolding in the economic realm.

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Mercurius Lesson Book - Mercurius Australia

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