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Schools, please remember to put BTS 2025 in your order reference for BTS orders, and NOW for current orders
Schools, please remember to put BTS 2025 in your order reference for BTS orders, and NOW for current orders

Meet the Mercurius Australia Team

Meet the Mercurius Australia Team - Annette - Operations


Annette is the Operations Manager at Mercurius Australia, bringing experience in both business operations and Anthroposophy. Overseeing all details of the day-to-day operations, Annette combines her organisational strengths with her knowledge of Steiner education and child development, to ensure the best resources are delivered, right into Steiner classrooms across the whole of Australia. 

With a passion for what Anthoposophy can bring to the world today, and genuine commitment to providing classroom and art resources that support a child’s senses, Annette will often be the face you see at conferences around Australia or the person you talk to about a product’s possibilities. At Mercurius we are all still learning, and love to share knowledge and ideas, so please pick up the phone, send an email or come and talk to any one of our team if you have any product or classroom topics you would like to discuss.

Meet the Mercurius Australia Team - Ngoc - Customer Service


If you are already a customer of Mercurius Australia, you have probably already met Ngoc, our Customer Service Superhero! With a smile that lights up the room, an email or a phone call, and a genuine passion for helping others, Ngoc is the person that will contact you about your orders, answer all your questions and genuinely go that extra mile to solve anything that needs solving.

We are very lucky to have Ngoc as part of our Mercurius team. Her dedication to every customer and positive spirit uplifts us every day.  A true superstar, we can’t imagine Mercurius without her!

Meet the Mercurius Australia Team - Anthony - Orders and Logistics


Behind the scenes in the warehouse, keeping things running smoothly is Anthony, our Orders and Logistics Extraordinaire. With lightning reflexes and a keen eye for detail, he expertly juggles incoming orders and outgoing shipments. 

His diverse skills, knack for keeping everything moving and genuine interest in every order, make Anthony an invaluable contributor to the Mercurius team. His dedication helps us provide exceptional service to our customers day in and day out. We're lucky to have this Logistics Jack-of-all-Trades keeping things running like clockwork!

Meet the Mercurius Australia Team - Tony- Warehouse Operations


Tony is the Warehouse Wizard at Mercurius Australia. He ensures seamless operations by overseeing receiving, storage of products and packing all your orders.

Forklift certified and inventory savvy, Tony is often found expertly manoeuvring pallets to optimize space and processes, especially in preparation for, and during our annual Back to School period.

Tony’s keen eye for detail and non-stop work ethic keep the Mercurius warehouse humming along smoothly. The go-to guy for all things inventory and packing related, if you are unpacking a school order, odds are, Tony has overseen the packing!

Meet the Mercurius Australia Team - Gabey - Finances


Gabey keeps things adding up at Mercurius Australia. Our resident Bookkeeping Whiz, she balances all things accounts and financial behind the scenes to keep operations running smoothly. 

While bookkeeping is her superpower, Gabey brings plenty of good vibes to the team and is the first to connect us all with a warm smile, or caring note.

Gabey is passionate about all things organisational, and when it comes to Mercurius Australia’s financial records, she keeps everything balanced, efficient, and cheerful!

Meet the Mercurius Australia Team - Simon - CEO Mercurius Australia


Simon is the passionate and energetic CEO of Mercurius Australia. Born and raised in Germany, he moved to Australia in 2017 with his family, to make a difference.

After building a strong relationship with Mercurius, first as a customer over several years, Simon was given the chance to continue the work and purchased Mercurius Australia in 2022 when the previous owners wanted to retire.

At Mercurius Australia, we provide top-quality, ethically sourced classroom materials to nurture creative thinking and personal growth. From classroom and art supplies, and beyond, our products engage the senses and inspire imagination.

Our Mercurius mission is clear: to wholeheartedly support Steiner education across Australia. And with Simon’s passion, this is what we look forward to for many more years to come!