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Paint Brush AMS Synthetic Polecat Hair

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An artist quality paintbrush for artists or the childrens' classroom.

Mercurius has been looking for a perfect synthetic brush which can be used for veiling water-colouring and wet-on-wet painting. We have now finally found a brush that is a break-through in synthetic brushes not only equal to our natural brushes but even exceeds their capabilities. The brushes are soft flexible resistant to deformation and the absorption and release capacity is very high.

The synthetic polecat brush is a little softer and slightly longer than the cow's brush. This brush is also widely used in painting therapy because of its excellent properties. They are made of FSC-certified wood and the synthetic hair contributes to the sparing of animal hair.

Suitable for watercolour gouache oil acrylic.

Mercurius products support the holistic development of the child through education, art and play. Key to the Mercurius ethos is social inclusion. Mercurius works with a number of sheltered workshops and initiatives, where everyone is unique and able to contribute and feel included within society. Learn more about Mercurius...

Why are our paint brushes waxed and not lacquered?

Our brushes are finished with a natural wax. This natural wax protects your brush from any adverse affect that may be caused by paint and water. If lacquered, the lacquer on the brush handle can crack and peel.

The wax we use gives the handle a slightly rough feeling. This helps to improve grip.

Caring for your paint brush

A quality brush used with care, cleaned and stored properly, will last many years without any loss of hair or shape.

Rinse with lukewarm water after use. Do not use any synthetic or chemical product when painting or cleaning.

It is very important you hang your brush to dry with the bristles down. This will drain the water and dry the brush, ensuring the glue will not dissolve in the connection point between the hairs and the handle.

Can I order Out of Stock items?

Yes, if you are a School Account holder. We will let you know the ETA and deliver Back orders as soon as possible. For BTS or Semester Pre-Orders, we will be in touch to confirm and finalise your orders.

Ordering an item that is out of stock and NOT a School Account Holder? Regretfully, Back Orders are not available and we will automatically refund the items value and dispatch the rest of your paid order.