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Wilded Family - Waldorf learning resources and home accessories - Mercurius Australia
Wilded Family - Mercurius Australia

Wilded Family

Wilded Family are a magical range of educational and learning products inspired by nature and seasonal living, encouraging children and grown-ups alike, to experience beauty and wonder in the slower way of life.

Stephanie Green’s company - Wilded Family (formally Waldorf Family) - is built on wonder. Ever since Stephanie was a child, she has appreciated being surrounded by nature, eating seasonal foods and watching the change of the seasons. She discovered her love for handwork projects after the birth of her two wonderful children. It all started by collecting natural treasures and using them for craft projects.

Wilded Family - Mercurius Australia

Nature is Stephanie’s main source of inspiration for her creations. The passing of the seasons, colours, forms and shapes, the phases of the moon - all of nature’s characteristics are taken into consideration when Stephanie creates a new product. Her main goal is to create educational, hands-on and meaningful resources with a purpose which are treasured and loved by families over a long time and that help children as well as adults see the beauty and wonder in all things.

As the environment is close to Stephanie’s heart, she makes sure that the Wilded Family only creates products that are made in a sustainable way from natural materials which can be returned to the earth or recycled.

At Mercurius we have a small selection, with the full range available at Oskar's Wooden Ark.

Image: @ourcountrytale

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