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Mercurius Australia, Australian-made products
Mercurius Lesson Books - Mercurius Australia

Mercurius Australia

Mercurius Australia is part of the Oskar's Wooden Ark and Wooden Playroom family.

Through Mercurius Australia, we supply quality products for creativity, art and education.

As part of an Australian owned family business, we are part of Australia, and as well as representing overseas suppliers, we offer a range of locally made Australian products.

Our Mercurius Australia, Made in Australia range of products celebrate the uniqueness of Australia, support local business, keep alive traditional skills, provide employment here in Australia, and are made with an environmental consciousness.  

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Lesson Books - Mercurius Australia

Learn more about our range of Mercurius Australia Lesson Books.

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Golden Fleece Australian Eco Wool - Mercurius Australia

Mercurius Australia is wholesaler and distributor for Golden Fleece Eco-Wool in Australia.

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