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Mercurius Australia, Australian-made products
Mercurius Lesson Books - Mercurius Australia

Made in Australia Product Range

Mercurius Australia is a 100% Australian Owned and Operated business. We are part of the Mercurius World-wide Partner network, but independent within Australia.

Being part of the Mercurius World-wide Partner network, we work collaboratively with our partners and represent all Mercurius and Stockmar products within Australia.

As an Australian owned family business, we are part of Australia, and as well as representing overseas suppliers, we recognise our unique location, Australian talent and our local resources.

Our Mercurius Australia, Made in Australia range of products celebrate the uniqueness of Australia, support local business, keep alive traditional skills, provide employment here in Australia, and are made with an environmental consciousness.  

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Lesson Books - Mercurius Australia

Mercurius Lesson Books are used throughout the world as the main Lesson Books found in Steiner and Waldorf classrooms.

Developed over years of consultation, feedback and practical classroom experience, our lesson books have developed and evolved to meet the specialised curriculum and pedagogical development of the child in a Waldorf classroom.

In addition to the large range of specialised books developed Internationally and offered at Mercurius Australia, and in conjunction with Australian Teachers, Mercurius Australia has developed a range of essential core lesson books specifically designed to meet the Australian curriculum and classroom.

Our Mercurius Australia, Made in Australia Lesson Books meet the need of our Australian schools, while supporting traditional skills and employment within Australia, and reducing the reliance on importing and overseas manufacture. Savings made through the development and manufacturing of our own range of books are passed on in final prices, offering a range of lesson books at competitive pricing.

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Golden Fleece Australian Eco Wool - Mercurius Australia

One of our home brands that we are very proud of, is our own Golden Fleece Australian Eco Wool.

Golden Fleece wool is a wholly owned and developed, Mercurius Australia, Made in Australia brand. A result of Mercurius Australia collaborating with the Australian Wool industry and Steiner Teachers to develop a pure natural wool from Australian Farms, using Australian industry, perfect for the Steiner Classroom.

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