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Medium Lesson Book Landscape 32x24cm pk of 10

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A high quality medium sized lesson book suitable for all classroom work. An ideal book for classroom lessons, and as a project or drawing book. 

Premium quality drawing cartridge makes it suitable for all mediums, including crayons, coloured pencils, graphite, charcoal, or ink. Being of a high quality, both sides of the paper can be drawn and written on.

This is a classic main lesson book, often introduced in the middle primary years, from class 2-3, and then used all the way through to the end of primary school, and for main lessons or projects in the high school.

Why did we choose the size of this book?

Neither a conventional A4, or the large format book preferred in the early years, the size of this book is 20% larger than an A4 book, and follows the proportions and ratio of the Golden Mean.

Our Medium Lesson book is the ideal sized book for lessons when the child is finding their way with learning, to help develop a harmony and balanced approach to lessons, and to help train the brain in a relaxed natural mode of thinking.

Part of our range of Mercurius International Lesson Book Range. Made in the Netherlands with the help of sheltered workshops creating beautiful and meaningful products while providing services that focus on the employees and their needs.

Pack of 10 - Landscape, staple bound. 32 pages per book, colours available are: Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, Purple, Red or White.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are our Lesson Books made?

We have two ranges of Lesson Books - our Mercurius Australia range, and our Mercurius International range.

Our Mercurius International Lesson Books are made in the Netherlands with the help of sheltered workshops creating beautiful and meaningful products while providing services that focus on the needs of their employees.

Our Mercurius Australia Lesson Books are made in Australia using high quality eco-conscious paper, support local business and keep traditional skills alive.

Find our more about our Lesson Books ...

Which Lesson Book do I need?

We offer a variety of lesson book styles, including portrait or landscape, staple or spiral bound, quality drawing cartridge or high bulk creamy newsprint, blank or lined pages, with or without separating pages (onion skin). The book you need will depend on what you are using it for. Read more ...

Why Rounded Corners?

Have you noticed our lesson books have rounded corners. There is a natural aesthetic in curves and roundness, and a very practical aspect as well. Put simply, round corners last the test of children's desks and bags, and round lines are what we find in nature, with nature being our best teacher. Find out more ...

Why Three Staples?

We have been making and working with Lesson books for over 35 years. Our staples are not normal staples you can buy off the shelf - each staple is cut as it staples the book, to the exact correct length each book requires. Along with the three staples, our specially measured staples give your lesson book strength and longevity. We use 3 staples, simply because this is what hardwearing Lesson Books need. Read more about our Lesson Books ...

What is Onion Skin?

Onion skin paper is an almost translucent paper that is crisp to the touch. Thin and lightweight, it is also strong and tough.

Our Lesson Books are available with or without Onion Skin page dividers. The Onion Skin page divider will protect your artwork and written work. 

Did you know Onion Skin paper makes good tracing paper? And it can also be used for origami, folding or craft paper. If you have Onion Skin dividers in your lesson books that you don't need to protect your work - cut them out gently and reuse in your next art or craft project!

Can I order Out of Stock items?

Yes, if you are a School Account holder. We will let you know the ETA and deliver Back orders as soon as possible. For BTS or Semester Pre-Orders, we will be in touch to confirm and finalise your orders.

Ordering an item that is out of stock and NOT a School Account Holder? Regretfully, Back Orders are not available and we will automatically refund the items value and dispatch the rest of your paid order.

  • Specifications
  • Usage
  • Mercurius
  • Available as: Packs of 10
    Orientation & Size: Landscape, W 32cm H 24cm (20% larger than A4)
    Composition: Staple bound, 32 pages
    Cover: Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, Purple, Red or White. 290gsm, heavy leather-embossed card
    Pages: 120gsm high-quality, elemental chlorine free paper
    Finished Books: Made in the Netherlands, with the help of sheltered workshops creating beautiful and meaningful products while providing services that focus on the employees and their needs.

  • Usage: For all classroom work with crayons, coloured pencils, graphite, charcoal, or ink.

  • Mercurius products support the holistic development of the child through education, art and play. Key to the Mercurius ethos is social inclusion. Mercurius works with a number of sheltered workshops and initiatives, where everyone is unique and able to contribute and feel included within society. Learn more about Mercurius...