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DAS Glue 250g Extra Strong

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DAS Glue is a newly formulated EXTRA STRONG adhesive specially designed for DAS self-hardening, air-based modelling clays and pastes.

This glue makes intricate, unique masterpieces possible by combining DAS Clay & Modelling Pastes with various materials like glass, metal, and fabric.

Plus, it will leave no residue once completely dried and comes in a hangable bottle for easy storage!

Can I order Out of Stock Items?

Yes, if you are a School Account holder. We will let you know the ETA and deliver Back orders as soon as possible. For BTS or Semester Pre-Orders, we will be in touch to confirm and finalise your orders.

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  • Specifications
  • Safety & Usage
  • DAS Modelling Clay
  • Made in: Italy
    Drying Time: 30 Minutes
    Materials: Water, Vinyl
    Weight: 250g

  • Recommended Age: 3+
    Usage: Can be used alone or mixed with water and DAS Clay or Modelling Paste to increase the gluing power.
    Cleaning: The dispensing spout can be cleaned easily with warm water before it dries.
    Care: Make sure to keep the hood on when not being used.

  • DAS Clay is an air hardening non-toxic modelling clay made in Italy. With a fine even texture it is easy to work with and can be used alone as a modelling clay or applied to other surfaces. Poster paint or varnish can be applied to complete the finished product. Learn more about DAS Modelling Clay...