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Auris Glockenspiel Pentatonic 7 Tone Curved

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The chime bars of the Auris Glockenspiel consist of a metal alloy. They are coated with a fine layer of beeswax which enhances the soft natural shine of the brass.

The resonating body made of maple wood is treated with wood varnish and beeswax polish. The Glockenspiels are very finely tuned and have a clear pure overtone.

With their crystal clear and spherical tones they create a particularly lovely sound experience. Each glockenspiel comes with both one resin and one wooden mallet.

Replacement mallets with wooden handles available below:

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  • Specifications
  • Usage
  • Auris Musical Instruments
  • Made in: Sweden
    1x Pentatonic Glockenspiel with 7 Tone Plates, 2x Mallets - Wood, Elastine
    Range: d''' e''' g''' a''' h''' d'''' e''''
    Musical Scale: Pentatonic Scale

    Materials: Solid Maple Hardwood, Brass Alloy, Beeswax Polish, Varnish, Shellac, Elathane
    Weight: 0.45kg

  • Usage:
    • Ideal for introducing the fundamentals of modern music to a child.
    • Perfect for home and school.
    • Great for musical games, storytelling, playing lullabies and nursery rhymes.
    • Can be used to play lead melodies in children's orchestras and choirs.

  • Auris (meaning 'belonging to the ear'), is a Swedish company who have been making high-quality musical instruments since 1978. Valued by music therapists, in classrooms and by individuals with an ear for quality music. Learn more about Auris Musical Instruments...