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Schollner Wooden Toys

Schollner Wooden Toys

Roland and Gabriele Schöllner founded Schollner Wooden Toys in 1985. Right from the start their passion and focus has been on creating wooden toys for children that are not only safe, but are also built to last, leaving only the smallest possible environmental footprint behind.

Schollner’s wooden toys and furniture are known for their great functionality and design. Inspired by Montessori and Waldorf theories, Schollner’s children’s furniture lets your child practise real life skills in a playful and imaginative way as well as in a safe environment. All materials, shapes and colours have been chosen with the child in mind making sure the that the toy leaves enough room for the child’s imagination and creativity.

Image: @steph.soj

Schollner’s workshop is based in Unterwoessen, a small town in Bavaria, Germany. All their beautiful children’s and doll’s furniture is created by a fantastic team of skilled craftsmen who are supported by three special needs enterprises nearby.

Schollner’s wooden toys are mostly made from a hard wood found in Europe called Black Alder which is known for its characteristic warm colour when stained with linseed oil or beeswax. Each toy or piece of furniture has to pass Schollner’s high level of standards before it's allowed to leave the workshop and enter your home to be enjoyed by all.

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