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Mader Kreiselmanufaktur 

Mader Kreiselmanufaktur 

Mader Kreiselmanufaktur was founded in 1991 by Klaus Mader, a very skilled carpenter with a love for handcrafted wooden toys. He has a small but mighty workshop in the foothills of the Austrian Alps where he creates traditional spinning tops, skipping ropes, kaleidoscopes and yo-yos - all by hand.

Wooden Playroom is the Australian Distributor for Mader. If you're interested in stocking Mader please get in touch.

At Mercurius, we offer a selection of Mader Wooden Toys. To view the full range, visit Oskar's Wooden Ark, and if you are a Mercurius School Account holder, we can add any item from Oskar's Wooden Ark to your order.

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