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Kids at Work by Corvus - Mercurius Australia
Corvus Kids at Work - Mercurius Australia

Kids At Work

Corvus was founded in Kirchentellinsfurt, Germany, in 1992 and specialises in making real tools and outdoor toys for children under their brand “Kids at Work”. Corvus’ aim is to provide children with the opportunity to explore everyday moments that usually only us adults are able to experience.

The extensive and carefully curated range of tools allows children to take their first steps in carving and woodworking, as well as learning to handle general tools - but tools that are same as adult tools only made especially for kids’ hands. By having these tools available at home, children can work, experiment, and create alongside their parents learning valuable skills that will become very handy when they are older.

Kids At Work - Mercurius Australia

Nowadays our world consists of a lot of digitalised and computerised processes and many hands-on skills are neglected. Teaching our kids the ins and outs of both worlds will help them grow into independent and self-confident human beings. Kids at Work tools and toys encourage our children to be creative and learn how to fix and solve problems using traditional tools that are usually only accessible to adults.

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Kids At Work - Mercurius Australia

Corvus, the company behind the Kids at Work range is proud to work with selected suppliers and manufacturers which support not only their workers but also look after the environment.

At Mercurius, we offer a selection of Kids at Work. To view the full range, visit Oskar's Wooden Ark, and if you are a Mercurius School Account holder, we can add any item from Oskar's Wooden Ark to your order.

Image: Simon visiting the Corvus Kids at Work team during his visit to Germany in June 2022

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