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The story of a Dutch antique dealer who dreamed of building his own castle...

During a trip of the south of France in the late 1960s, Tom van der Bruggen fell under the charm of a neglected farm and decided to turn it into a castle.

To visualise his project, he tried to make a scale model using wooden cubes. However, the size and shape of the wooden cubes didn’t allow him to create certain features such as lintels, roofs and floors. Unsatisfied with the possibilities of the wooden cubes, Tom set out to design and create his own construction pieces, which he named KAPLA - an abbreviation of “Kabouter Plankjes” which means “gnome planks” in Dutch.

"The magic plank that can build anything"

All KAPLA planks are identical in size with the dimensions in the ratio of 1:3:5. This unique and innovative design allows children and adults to build a wide variety of structures without the help of additional supports or accessories. Balance and gravity alone hold the wooden planks in place.

KAPLA planks provide hours of fun and challenge for young and old. From simple to very complex structures, each person can build according to their own skill level, exploring endless architectural possibilities.

Building with KAPLA encourages individuals to develop, practise and refine their fine motor skills, logical thinking, spatial awareness and perseverance as well as their imagination and creativity.

Solo or with friends, play without rules or limits!

Natural, sustainable and made to last

KAPLA planks are made using pine from sustainably managed forests of the South-West of France. The wood is natural and the coloured planks are dyed using food-grade colouring to ensure safe play. KAPLA's fabrication process includes a series of strict checks and standards, as well as a final manual sorting, to provide you with quality planks that will last for years.

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