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NOM Handcrafted Australian Animals and Educational Wooden Toys Available at Mercurius Australia

NOM Handcrafted

Made in Australia

Eryn is the creator and founder of NOM Handcrafted. A Brisbane Mum of three, experienced woodworker, and lover of creating things with her hands, Eryn began making her beautiful wooden figures during the 2020 Lockdown as a way to provide new, open-ended play experiences for her children. It soon became apparent that the love for her creations extended beyond her family home, and so NOM Handcrafted was born.

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NOM Handcrafted Wooden Figures for Small World Play and Waldorf Education Toys at Mercurius Australia

Quality, Sustainability, Fun and Whimsy

Today, Eryn creates a huge range of wooden figures for families all over Australia. From Kangaroos and Koalas to Unicorns and Mermaids, every figure has been designed to engage children in open-ended, small world play - encouraging language development, social-emotional connections, fine motor coordination, and creativity.

Shop Online NOM Handcrafted Australian Wooden Animals for Small World Play. Non-toxic, Natural Wooden Toy Figures for Kindergarten, Preschool, and Early Learning Centres Available at Mercurius Australia.

NOM Handcrafted toys are lovingly handmade using sustainably and ethically sourced hard maple wood and non-toxic, water-based paints, dyes and finishes. Due to their handcrafted nature, figures are subject to variations in wood grain, colour and size. Inspired by the diverse beauty of nature, no two pieces are exactly alike, and each is charmingly unique.

While all materials and finishes used are child-safe, NOM Handcrafted toys are not intended to be mouthed or wet, and adult supervision is advised. 

Images: NOM Handcrafted

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