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Embracing the Spirit of Waldorf at the January Teacher Intensives with Mercurius Australia

Embracing the Spirit of Waldorf at the January Teacher Intensives

As the new year began, teachers from across Australia gathered at the picturesque Newcastle Waldorf School for the Pedagogical Section's annual January Teacher Intensives. Set on four acres of beautiful grounds with vegetable gardens, orchards, paddocks and playing areas, the school provided the perfect backdrop for educators to reconnect with the core principles of Steiner education.

The intensives offered parallel programs covering all stages of the Steiner curriculum, allowing teachers to dive deeply into the upcoming year's subject matter. Shared keynote sessions brought the entire group together, creating a wonderful sense of community. As one participant shared with me, being at the Newcastle school is "like a walk through the Renaissance period" - a living, breathing embodiment of Steiner’s holistic approach to nurturing the mind, body and spirit.

A personal highlight was the connected space Mercurius Australia shared with EduCareDo, who facilitated a nurturing retreat for participants to reconnect with themselves through the senses. This was a powerful reminder that for teachers to truly serve the needs of their students, they must first tend to their own sense of 'groundedness' and presence.

For our team at Mercurius Australia, participating in events like this is invaluable. The chance to hear directly from the teachers using our educational supplies, to share in their experiences, and witness their dedication to the children, renews our own sense of purpose and commitment to this important work.

As the intensives came to a close, teachers returned to their home states, refreshed and reinvigorated, ready to embody the  insights of Rudolf Steiner in service of their students' holistic development. It was an honour to be part of this event and the broader Steiner education movement.

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