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STOCKMAR Wax Crayon Blocks - 16 Blocks in Wooden Box

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STOCKMAR Block Crayons, ideal for big movements in little hands. In bigger hands, the Block Crayons can be used in many drawing and colouring techniques, with interesting effect.

STOCKMAR Block Crayons:

Available as 8, 12, 16, 24 or 32 crayons, in various colour combinations, including special edition assortments. The full colour range covers 32 harmonious matched colours. All crayon sets include one scraper and info booklet to support different techniques, and are made in Germany.

The Standard Assortments include:

- Tin of 8 Wax Block Crayons - Waldorf Mix
- Tin of 8 Wax Block Crayons - Standard Mix, includes Black
- Tin of 8 Wax Block Crayons - Supplementary Assortment (complements other selections)
- Cardboard Box of 12 Wax Block Crayons - Standard Mix, Extended
- Tin of 16 Wax Block Crayons - Standard Mix, Extended

Specialised and Limited Edition STOCKMAR Block Crayon Selections are also available, including a Skin Tone set, special Australian Limited Edition colours, set of 16 in a Wooden Box, and the full 32 colours in a Gift Display Box

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STOCKMAR Block Crayons

The size and flat shape of our STOCKMAR Block Crayons sit easily in the hand of a small child. Little children are still grasping and have yet to develop the finger agility needed for the pencil grip. With the Block Crayon, children create colourful drawings easily, moving in big movements across the page. 

As they explore and skills develop, the different edges and surfaces of the crayon offer new possibilities. Different effects are created by drawing with the corners, flat surfaces and edges. An example is to drag the long edge of the block across the paper to create wave-like strokes. 

Not just for the young child, the STOCKMAR Block Crayons grow as artistic skills develop. Shading and landscapes become possible for the older child (and adult), with seamlessly blended backgrounds, layering and transparent colours. The possibility of layering and mixing on paper is a special characteristic of all STOCKMAR crayons - layers build up, to create two-dimensional drawings with no smudging of intermediate colours and layers.

One of the best things about our STOCKMAR Wax Blocks is their durability and hard-wearing nature. Transferring colour to paper, while maintaining an inherent hardness in the crayon, means your crayons won't wear down, and will still be going in years to come. Their toughness also means they are much harder for little toddler throwing people to break!

Why STOCKMAR Crayons? Because Children are Artists ...

STOCKMAR wax crayons can awaken the artist in every young child. Developed in collaboration with Waldorf teachers and art teachers more than 50 years ago, they journey and guide our children from the very first drawing pleasure at home, kindergarten and school.

STOCKMAR are unique and unmatched in their harmonious, strong, and at the same time, transparent colours - meaning layering allows the light and pigment of lower colours to shine through, with no colour smearing.

STOCKMAR Crayons are manufactured with no added fillers and have a particularly large amount of colour pigment; their full luminosity is achieved through the mix of pigments and waxes, and made transparent with just the right amount of beeswax.

The scent of beeswax and the excellent drawing properties add to their appeal. Opaque or translucent through layers, scraped or melted, the creative imagination is inspired, and knows no limits. Read more ...<