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Predan Dolphin

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Have you ever touched wooden figurines made by Predan Holzgestaltung? It’s something you won’t forget. They smell divine, are incredibly smooth and almost feel soft to touch.

Predan Wooden Toys are known for their whimsical shapes, solid design and meticulous production.

Georg Predan and his team focus on enhancing and preserving the natural characteristics of the wood and its grain by sanding, polishing and oiling each piece with a lot of love and care. The result, each piece is unique and beautiful by nature.

PLEASE NOTE: The unique variations in colours and grains are proof of quality, NOT defects. Just like in nature, every piece will be unique.

The Predan Difference

Have you ever touched wooden figurines made by Predan Holzgestaltung? It’s something you won’t forget. They smell divine, are incredibly smooth and almost feel soft to touch.

Predan Toys aren't made in the same way that most other brands are. They are not cut by machines into identical shapes, they are cut by eye. Each piece is cut, sanded and painted by hand. The colour finishes are rarely consistent, with natural wood markings commonly showing through. Predan is beautifully imperfect and natural, just like nature and every piece will be unique. We call this perfect imperfection 'The Predan Difference' and it is this that separates them from other toy makers, and makes a Predan collection a truly heirloom toy.The unique variations are proof of quality, NOT defects. Wood grain has changing structures and colours which serve as proof of its natural origins. Celebrate the diversity and unique characteristics of your Predan piece of nature!

Coloured by Nature

When you look at Predan Wooden Toys, you may notice the large range of differently coloured figurines. The different trees the wood comes from is responsible for the different colours - Sycamore Maple trees are known for their white timber, Yew trees for their orange, Staghorn Sumac for their green and Elm trees for their brown timber. Georg and his team use more than 20 different kinds of native and locally grown timber, mainly hardwood, to create their beautiful figurines. All the wood is sustainably harvested from Predan's local area.

Where you do see a Predan figure painted, it has been painted with a non-toxic, plant-based stain that is good for the environment and completely safe for your child (even with saliva!)

What happens if I order an item that is out of stock?

If you are a School Account holder, and an item you order is out of stock, we will let you know when it is expected back in stock and offer alternatives if available. If this is your Back to School order, we will organise stock to be delivered as part of your Back to School delivery.

If you are not a School Account Holder, and an item you order is temporarily out of stock, we will be in touch with options, and if nothing is available, will refund your purchase price.

  • Specifications
  • Safety & Usage
  • Predan
  • Made in: Germany, meticulously handcrafted - each piece is cut, sanded and finished by hand
    Materials: Each figure is made from a single piece of European solid wood with varying grains and colours such as Sycamore Maple, Yew, Staghorn Sumac, and Elm - 20 native varieties in total - all sustainably harvested from local forestry
    Dimensions: W 10cm H 4cm (approx.)
    Weight: 50g

  • Recommended age: 3+ years
    WARNING: Not suitable for children under 36 months. Choking hazard due to small parts.
    Safety: A small amount of Predan Wooden Toys are finished with food-grade linseed oil and non-toxic, spittle-proof, plant-based and environmentally friendly wood stains, completely safe for your child.

  • Georg Predan founded Predan Holzgestaltung in 1972 and has since designed a large variety of wooden animals, trees and shrubs as well as people and fairy-tale figures. Every manufacturing step that turns a piece of timber into a wooden toy is made by hand - from the moment the timber arrives until the finished products leave the workshop in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany. Learn more about Predan Wooden Toys...