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Lyre Tuning Wrench - T Shaped Square Hole Fits ALL Auris and Choroi Lyres

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Suitable for all our lyres and harps, both Auris and Choroi.

L-shaped Tuning Wrenches are easier for children to use. The T-shaped Tuning Wrench is more suited to adults.

The larger tuning wrenches whether L or T shapes give a very fine adjustment required by professionals. For kindergarten and school environments, the smaller size is more suited.

Can I order Out of Stock Items?

Yes, if you are a School Account holder. We will let you know the ETA and deliver Back orders as soon as possible. For BTS or Semester Pre-Orders, we will be in touch to confirm and finalise your orders.

Ordering an item that is out of stock and NOT a School Account Holder? If requested items are not available, unless there is a suitable item we can offer, we will automatically refund the unavailable item and dispatch the rest of your paid order.

  • Specifications
  • Usage
  • Auris Musical Instruments
  • Made in: Sweden
     1x T-Shaped Tuning Wrench
    Suitable for: Lyres and Harps by Auris and Choroi
    Hole Shape: Square
    Materials: Wood, Stainless Steel

  • Usage:
    • For tuning lyres and harps. There are various digital applications available online to achieve the exact tuning of each string.
    • Designed to be used by adults.
    • For children, an L-shaped tuning wrench would be more suitable.

  • Auris (meaning 'belonging to the ear'), is a Swedish company who have been making high-quality musical instruments since 1978. Valued by music therapists, in classrooms and by individuals with an ear for quality music. Learn more about Auris Musical Instruments...