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Auris Lyre String Set for Auris 12 String Pentatonic Children's Lyre LDP

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A spare or replacement string set for the Auris 12-String Pentatonic Children's Lyre.

Please see the information under the 'Usage' tabs for tips on how to attach new strings to your Auris lyre.

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  • Specifications
  • Usage
  • Auris Musical Instruments
  • Made in: Sweden
    12x Lyre Strings
    Suitable for: Auris 12-String Pentatonic Children's Lyre
    Musical Scale: Pentatonic Scale

    Materials: Brass
    Weight: 0.02kg

  • Usage:
    • Change the strings when they are broken or worn out and no longer hold a clear tone.
    • When changing a broken string, ALWAYS remember to unscrew the tuning pin as many turns as it has been tightened. This will be about three or three and a half turns.
    • The tuning pins have left-hand threads which means that they screw out clockwise, and counter-clockwise.
    • While placing new strings on the lyre, ensure they are attached to the pins and cut.

  • Auris (meaning 'belonging to the ear'), is a Swedish company who have been making high-quality musical instruments since 1978. Valued by music therapists, in classrooms and by individuals with an ear for quality music. Learn more about Auris Musical Instruments...