Supporting Healthy Development

through the Senses, Nature Play and Creativity


Mercurius Australia supplies quality art materials, wooden & natural toys Nature Play Items, Teaching Resources, Early Learning Supplies and Products for Healthy Child Development - products that are designed to last and to grow as the child grows.
Many of our products are inspired by Steiner and Waldorf education, others by Montessori and Reggio Emilia and some just because we have found them hard to resist. Our products encourage creativity and play through natural play using natural materials in a natural setting - perfect for open-ended Outdoor and Nature Play.
We select the ranges we offer for their developmental and aesthetic aspects, as well as the exceptional craftsmanship, long-wearing durability, outstanding quality and the social environmental awareness that lives behind the businesses and artisans that create them

Our full range encompasses over 3,000 lines with brands and ranges including Stockmar Beeswax Crayons, Stockmar Paints, Stockmar Pencils, Lyra Pencils, Lyra Paints, Nerchau Paints, Giotto, NIC Toys, Gluckskafer, Walter Toys, Debresk, Varis Toys, Dipam Beeswax Candles, Debresk, Choroi, Auris and Verneur

  • Art Materials inc Lyra Pencils, Stockmar Beeswax Crayons and Wet-on-Wet Painting supplies
  • Craft Materials inc Wool Felt, Plant Dyed Silk, Organic Tricot and Doll Making Supplies, Felting Supplies and Wool
  • Quality Chalk and Products for Blackboard work
  • Musical Instruments inc Lyres, Glockenspiels and Recorders form Auris and Choroi
  • Books for Waldorf Main Lessons and Specialty Steiner Main Lesson Work
  • Quality Paper for Drawing, Painting and Water Colour Painting
  • Origami Folding Paper, Kite Paper and Silk Craft Paper
  • Gift Cards for all Occassions
  • Pure Beeswax Candles
  • Modelling materials inc Stockmar Beeswax, Alkena Beeswax and Clay Blend and DAS Clay
  • Writing Pens and Inks
  • Geometry Equipment
  • Quality Toys for Role Play, Household Activities, Outdoor Play and Nature Play
  • Wooden Play Kitchens, Ride on Toys, Doll Houses, Felt Animals and Building Blocks
  • Quality Brands inc Stockmar, Lyra, NICToys, VarisToys and Gluckskafer

If there are any products you know we have, but can not find them on our product pages, please give us a ring and we will let you know if they are currently available

Welcome and enjoy...


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