Mercurius Product Selection


Before selecting a product we look into both the product and the company behind the product. We ask ourselves these three questions:

  1. Does a product meet our expectations of performance? This includes evaluating the artistic quality and workmanship of the product, looking at the durability and longevity of the product and examining how the product might enhance or support the health of the person using it.  
  2. What are the environmental credentials of the product? We look at a broad range of enviromental impacts for the products we source, including, but not limited to organic, natural, plant based dyes and FSC accredited wood.
  3. What are the social and ethical credentials of the company behind the product? Many of our products are produced by small, sustainable businesses that support social therapeutic communities.  In supporting these businesses we support these therapeutic communities and the people that live there in meaningful work.

Once we have asked these questions, we then evaluate the product on a balance of all aspects - it is not enough if a product has glowing enviromental credentials, is all organic and natural, but then does not support the healthy development of the child; or if a product appears perfect, but the company behind it is only after large profits.

We take our selection criteria seriously. When you choose a product from Mercurius a lot of research has gone into selecting the best possible product for performance, healthy development, environmental impact and social ethical responsibilities.

If you would like more information about any of our products or their credentials, please contact us.