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Platonic Solids - Kuboid Invertible Cube

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This model turns the cubes rich and varied movements into a tactile experience.

Coloured card 7 x 7 x 7 cm

With much art research and discussion of questions relating to space and the zodiac Paul Schatz discovered that the Platonic solids could be inverted. The Invertible Cube which elaborated the respective laws and its specific rhythmic mobility were to become the basis upon which Paul Schatz based his later work.

The objects designed by Paul Schatz reveal the secrets of space through play and beauty.

With his invertible cube the inventor and discoverer demonstrates the vastness and fascination of the unknown. The invertible cube became the basis of Paul Schatz's discovery and development of new geometric shapes and countless machines inspired by the idea that the laws of motion and the possibility of inversion is present within every static shape.

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