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The Seasonal Festivals can act as beacons throughout the year, awakening reverence, anticipation and wonder—a guiding light to help young and old orientate ourselves in time, bringing soul nourishment and meaning into life.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the festivals and the seasons are intwined, with the season representing the visible symbolism of the more subtle, underlying meaning of the festival. In the Southern Hemisphere, these deeper truths are not reflected in our seasons, yet they still exist.

A Nature Table can help us to orientate to the rhythms of the year and the symbolism of the festivals, imbuing both with deeper meaning. Nature Tables can be setup at the start of each Season or lead up to a Festival, a simple sacred space with a silk cloth and some seasonal or festival reminders and a place for children to add the treasures of seasonal walks.

Nature Tables provide a living connection to the yearly cycle, laying the seeds for a child's awakening reverence and feeding their anticipation and wonder!

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