Celebrating Festivals and Seasons within the home help to create a living connection to the yearly cycle, laying the seeds for a child's awakening reverence and feeding their anticipation and wonder. As a child begins to orientate themselves in time and space, a recognition of the season and yearly festivals can act as a beacon and guiding light to bring soul nourishment and meaning into life, for both young and old.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the festivals and the seasons are intertwined, with the season offering a connection to and representing the tangible symbolism of the deeper, underlying meaning of the festival. In the Southern Hemisphere, these deeper festival truths are not so easily reflected in our seasons and yet beyond the season they still exist.

Explore our collection of ideas to help inspire and lead you and your family to your own family rituals and connections to nature and the festivals, rituals that you can come back to year after year and which your children will cherish and hold dear in later years as they journey beyond the family hearth.