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Schools and Education Providers  

  • School Accounts for ongoing school products and consumable supplies
  • Early Childhood Centre, After School Care or Family Day Cares for ongoing early childhood products and consumable supplies

Professional Therapists and Artists  

  • Therapists  - wishing to use our products in their professional work
  • Professional Crafts Persons  - wishing to use our products in their professional work
  • Artists  - wishing to use our products in their professional work

Online or Shop Front Retailers   

  • Established retail businesses with an established physical presence and shop front
  • Established online businesses with your own '.com.au' domain name
  • As an interested retailer, we ask you to consider the full-cycle of our products and all the businesses touched by the quality brands we distribute. Quality raw materials and ingredients used to hand produce products in small socially aware and supportive work spaces, are not competitors or substitutes for cheap, mass produced products that may use inferior materials and questionable labour practices. The quality of our brands are reflected by fair-pricing and fair-pricing supports the full-cycle of our products - from raw materials to end consumer. Fair-pricing brings awareness and responsibility to the economic, ecological and social impact of our choices. As an interested retailer, thank you for being part of the change towards a healthier and sustainable world - economically, ecologically and socially. 

Discount Codes Available for Home Schoolers, Professionals and Independant Teachers





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