Watercolour Painting using Stockmar Watercolour Paints

General Watercolour Painting Introduction with Initial Techniques using Stockmar Paints

Stockmar Paints, Paper, Brushes and Working Materials

Mixing Stockmar Watercolour Paints

Wet-on-Wet Watercolour Painting Technique

In Steiner and Waldorf Education, a technique known as Wet on Wet Painting is used to introduce children to colours and painting. It uses diluted Stockmar Watercolour Paints and wet paper. The effect allows the children to experience the soul moods of colour and learn the magic of how the colours blend to create new colours and mood.

The colours spontaneously blend, allowing form to naturally appear on the paper. Initially only one or two colours are used, allowing for greater understanding of each colour to emerge. To begin Yellow and Blue, with the magic of green in between and then Red and Green with the grey magic. This is followed by combining the three primary colours Yellow, Blue and Red to experience the full magic of Goethe's Colour Wheel. Stockmar have a range of warm and cool tones with a special selection of the Primary Colours referred to as the Stockmar Circle Colours. Neither warm nor cool, these are particularly suitable for the younger years and their first introduction to the primary colours. As the child's mood of soul develops, especially around the 9th year, the full range of colour tones can then be gradually introduced.

Wet on Wet painting allows the artist to breath - breathing out as they paint and in as they observe the effects. A wonderful technique for calming and balancing both the young and the old!

Wet-on-Dry Watercolour Painting Technique 

Watercolour Cover-up Painting Technique

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