Stockmar Decorating Wax

Stockmar Decorating Wax Sheets are used to decorative candles, make cards, decorate picture frames and can also be used for modelling. The wax sheets are very pliable and can be cut, kneaded, shaped and stuck onto surfaces or used to create small wax figurines and models.

Containing a blend of clay treated microcrystalline wax, plant resins and colour pigments, Stockmar Decorating Wax is a Vegan friendly decorating and modelling wax. Stockmar Modelling Wax has different properties to the Decorating Wax and this is achieved with the addition of beeswax.

The small or large sheets are 1mm in thickness and available in 18 beautiful, light-fast, colour pigments in single colours or assorted packs. 

Getting Started with Stockmar Decorating Wax

More Basic Techniques with Stockmar Decorating Wax

Using Stockmar Wax on Pictures and Cards

Making Stencils to use with Stockmar Decorating Wax


Decorating Objects with Stockmar Decorating Wax:

Decorating Candles with Stockmar Decorating Wax

Decorating Candles with Stockmar Modelling Wax

Decorating Other Object with Wax


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