Environmental and Health Benefits of Pure Beeswax Candles

Pure Beeswax Candles are the ultimate in environmental and personal health, requiring no additives, perfumes or added colours. Candles made from alternative materials can harm both health and environment. 

Paraffin is a petroleum byproduct and the fumes emitted when burned can be toxic.  Many cheaper coloured and perfumed candles are made from pure paraffin and some beeswax candles are actually a blend of beeswax and paraffin. Perfumes and colours added to many commercial candles, while they look and smell nice, can also be toxic; as will be the candle wick if it is not pure cotton.

Soya wax has become a popular alternative in recent years, but care should be exercised when buying soya candles. Much of the worlds Soya is Genetically Modified with questionable effects on our health and natural environment and GE Soya crops is one of the leading causes of deforestation in places like South America.  To top it off, artificial perfumes are often added to Soya Candles, posing a health concern when burned. If buying Soy Candles, check the source and purity of the wax used and buy unscented or those scented with pure essential oils only.

Enjoy pure light and pure health when you burn ethical and enviromentally friendly 100% Pure Beeswax Candles chosen from an ethical, enviromental and socially aware company.  

Dipam is an ethical and socially responsible company who make high quality 100% beeswax candles.

Dipam make every effort to use materials that are renewable, sustainably produced and environmentally-friendly. A small organization, Dipam partners with and provides meaningful work for long-term unemployed and people with disabilities.

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