Mercurius Supporting Schools and Home Education


Mercurius holds true to its original vision to support Child Development and Steiner Education in Australia. As well as supplying products which encourage the healthy development of the child, Mercurius gives back a percentage of sales to support community initiatives.

  • We are the major sponsor of the bi-annual Steiner Education Association (SEA) Conference
  • We support Vital Years, the Steiner Early Childhood bi-annual conference
  • We regularly support a diverse range of smaller initiatives within customer schools and community projects
  • We give discounts and donations to Parents and Friends Associations of our customer schools to support fundraising initiatives
  • We provide discounts on teaching resources to eligible teachers of our customer schools
  • We support registered homeschoolers through discounts on home schooling purchases
  • We sponsor community initiatives aligned with our values working with art and creativity in Education

We invite requests for support from customer schools and community projects aligned with our vision and will evaluate each request on its individual merit. 



Supporting Steiner Education in Australia through the ongoing sponsorship of conferences and Steiner Education initiatives 


As part of our ongoing support of Waldorf Steiner Education in Australia, Mercurius Australia sponsors conferences and initiatives that support and help develop Steiner Education in Australia. 

We have an ongoing partnership as the principal sponsor for the Australian bi-annual SEA Teachers Conference, and support the Steiner Early Childhood Vital Years conferences.





Mercurius is committed to supporting community initiatives that educate through the creative process, where creativity is meaningful and art makes sense.  


Back in 2012, Mercurius began a relationship with the Sharing Stories Foundation, to provide art materials, including Stockmar Crayons, for a project with the Gija community in the Kimberleys, WA.

The original artworks were used to created printed books, and have been extended to create a series of  digital multi-touch books.

In 2022, we are continuing our sponsorship, with art materials to extend the program with the Gija community.