Mercurius is Proud to Stock the Following Brands in Australia



Golden Fleece Eco Wool

|  Golden Fleece Australian Eco-Wool

Golden Fleece Australian Eco-Wool is grown, spun and dyed in Australia with a commitment to sustainability, the health of humanity, animal welfare and the care of the environment.

All Golden Fleece wool comes from non-mulesed sheep, grown and raised on Australian farms. Following the scouring and washing of our wool using eco-friendly detergents, Golden Fleece is spun and dyed using traditional skills and supporting local business in regional Australia.  

We do not super wash our finished wool, which means no environmentally harming chlorine washes or polymer coverings are used to alter the natural durability and finish. 

Our wool is equally suited to knitting, crocheting, weaving or any craft item and will felt well. Available as 8ply, 12ply and 16ply, in undyed or a range of vibrant colourfast colours.

Golden Fleece wool can be hand washed in cool water.

Mercurius is the manufacturer, wholesaler and distributor for Golden Fleece Eco-Wool in Australia.


Debresk Toys

Debresk Toys

Debresk Toys was started in 1987 on a Biodynamic farm in Sweden by three friends that attended a Steiner school together. Their vision, which is still current today, was to produce quality toys to replace the 'wear and tear and throw away' culture that leads to environmental and human destruction.

Debresk toys are made from living materials, materials with life to be taken care of. As a child develops a relationship to the things they play with, they develop a relationship to the world, as they take care of their toys, they learn to grow up in a world they want to take care of.

Debresk believe that toys support the healthy development of the child as it stimulates fantasy and creativity. To cultivate, in the child, an appreciation of beauty and convey an impression or knowledge about the world. Debresk's intention is to contribute to the balance and harmony between the different senses and the intellect of the growing child, as they play with the smoothly shaped, natural colour wooden toys.

Mercurius is the wholesaler and distributor for Debresk Toys within Australia.

Drei Blatter Toys

Drei Blatter Toys

Drei Blatter is a small manufacturer that hand crafts quality toys. Quality toys made to enhance childhood, while honouring and supporting the environment and natural world. Renewable sourced native woods such as Spruce, Birch and Beech are used for their products, natural linseed oil finishes and renewable energy to supply their electricity needs.

Mercurius is the wholesaler and distributor for Drei Blatter Toys within Australia.

Verneuer Toys

|  Verneuer Wooden Toys

Verneuer Wooden Toys began in 1988 by a man named Norbert Verneuer in a small region in Germany. Nature is respected, regional trees provide the wood and natural oils and waxes complete the high quality and anesthetically beautiful toys.

In the words of Norbert Verneuer "Our production is founded on three principles - the love for games, the love for toys and the love for wood - this is the personal basis of my work...The feeling of warmth, the solidit and the smell of wood address the child's senses....Wood is a renewable resource...returning to the natural cycle and does not burden our ecological system...The production is work-intensive and require knowledge and attention to detail. This makes the product valuable. A wooden dollhouse of a farmstead are gifts for life which can be passed on through many generations...In contrast to accuracy to the smallest detail with the focus on the end product being as close to reality as possible, we deliberatively decided to give our toys a more simple and modest shape which leaves space for the children's fantasy and allows creative playing in different development phases. Welcome to my workshop!"

Mercurius is the wholesaler and distributor for Verneuer Toys within Australia.

Grunspecht Marble Trees

|  Grunspecht Toys and Marble Trees

Grunspecht means Green Woodpecker and holds the registered trademark for the original Rainbow Wooden Marble Sounding Tree, known as the Klaugbaum in Germany.

The Klaugbaum Marble Tree is quite hypnotic - set the balls in motion one at a time or all together. As they wind down listen as the tree sings with a beautiful melody. Children love experimenting with different sized marbles and wooden balls for different sounds.

Mercurius is proud to be the wholesaler and distributor for Grunspecht Toys within Australia. We have chosen a unique range of creative and aesthetically pleasing toys and gifts from the Grunspecht selection, including the well-known and loved Marble Trees, Spinning Tops, Pop Guns and Walking Animals.


Nic Toys

Nic Toys

Nic Toys have been making quality wooden toys in Germany for over 25 years. Toys that are are designed to be used and loved by children.  Toys that are hard-wearing, durable and multi-functional that will last for generations to come.

Nic Toys inspire little ones during early childhood through creativity and imaginative play. They encourage children to give free reign to their imagination and promote role-playing and social interaction while supporting the development of motor skills and logical thinking.

Nic Toys are very selective in their choice of wood, which is predominately beech and maple, from European forests certified to FSC / PEFC standards for sustainable silviculture. During production, wood waste is collected and recycled within their own factory. All products are CE compliant and meet the European standard for toy safety (EN 71). Paints and finishes used are water-based, ecological and completely safe for the health of the children.

Mercurius is the wholesaler and distributor for Nic Toys within Australia.


Gluckskafer Toys


Gluckskafer’s mission began with the vision to bring traditional toys to children, encouraging creative play and natural development.

Originally started by Käfer & Partner, a small family business in Germany by a father of 6 children. This gave plenty of inspiration for developing a range of toys that supported imaginative role-playing. Glückskäfer is now owned by Nic Toys and complements the other ranges under the Nic umbrella.

Mercurius is the wholesaler and distributor for Gluckskafer toys within Australia.

Walter Toys

|  Walter Toys

Walter Toys are designed for a child's world of sensation, and are both challenging and stimulating to the imagination. They promote the child's mental and physical development as well as his or her creativity. Walter Toys are toys for children to use, to help them observe and understand the world around them.

A special value is placed on perfect finishing and high-quality, non-toxic materials and varnishes. The majority of Walter Toys are made in-house and Walter Toys have a commitment to use no child labour. 

Mercurius is proud to be the Walter Toys distributor within Australia.


Mercurius International

Mercurius International is the worldwide distributor for Stockmar and specialist in quality supplies for Waldorf and Steiner schools, worldwide. Combining years of experience with energy and innovation they offer a core selection of products internationally through their distributing partners.

Through collaboration with their customers, they actively embrace social and environmental responsibilities and subject all their products to extensive safety, environmental and quality testing. Committed to offering quality products that support healthy development, Mercurius International products quality and safety considerations go far beyond the standard requirements.

Mercurius International provides Waldorf and other schools the best products available at fair prices, by collaborating constructively with customers and vendors, and by using business to inspire and implement solutions to social and environmental needs.

Mercurius is an independent and family owned Australian business and is the Australian wholesale representative and distributor for Mercurius International.

Stockmar Art Supplies

|  Stockmar Art Supplies

The Hans Stockmar Company was founded in northern Germany in 1922, and initially offered beekeeping supplies and candles. Over time, and in cooperation with Waldorf school art teachers, the company developed the well known Stockmar Beeswax Modelling Wax, Stockmar Beeswax Block Crayons, Stockmar Beeswax Stick Crayons, Stockmar Beeswax Decorating Wax and the newest addition to the Stockmar family, the super creamy and high quality Stockmar Hexagonal and Triangular pencils.

Stockmar products are known throughout the world for their uncompromised quality and production in adherence to high pedagogical, artistic, social and enviromental standards. In addition to their own quality control, Stockmar products are tested by independent laboraties in Germany to ensure their purity and safety.

The core of Stockmar's product development is based on the sensory development of the child as understood by Rudolf Steiner. Today, more than ever, this is of the upmost importance, as much of our modern lifestyle overloads certain aspects of primary sense development and limits the experience of other more subtle senses which are becoming increasingly important and necessary to be able to stand strong and with heart in the modern world.

All Stockmar products are developed based on the extended version of Goethe's "Theory of Colours".  Almost all of Stockmar's products come in this wide range of colours and that the colours in the individual products match.  Stockmars' Colour Harmony means that the colours across the different products match and can be mixed together in a harmonious way.

Mercurius is the wholesaler and distributor for Stockmar products within Australia.

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Lyra Art Supplies

|  Lyra Art Supplies

Lyra, originally a German company, has been making pencils since 1806 - making it one of the oldest pencil makers in the world.

Moving with the times and grown out of innovation, Lyra continues to make world-class quality pencils and art supplies, well loved in schools and by artists around the globe. The pioneer of the chunky triangular and hexagonal pencil, known as the Super Ferby and Colour Giant respectively and remembered by nearly every graduated Waldorf or Steiner student world-wide.

Mercurius is a wholesaler of Lyra products in Australia.

Encaustic Wax Art

Encaustic Art

Painting with hot wax, known as Encaustic Art, uses heat to melt wax colours to produce artistic results. 

Encaustic Hot Wax Painting is an ancient process dating back to the Greeks - the word encaustic originates from the Greek word enkaustikos, which means to 'burn in'. The Greeks used the hot wax to caulk the hulls of ships and with the addition of colour pigment were able to create elaborate decorations on their warships. Encaustic painting examples can be found in icon painting, ancient Egypt, Australian Aboriginal cave paintings and forms the basis for Kut-Kut, a traditional art form of the Philippines.

Today, special encaustic painting tools are used to heat, apply and manipulate the art effect.  As each layer of hot wax paint is added, it reheats and fuses to the previous layers. The layering of wax and colour pigments produces long lasting wax art, with a rich, optical and multi-dimensional effect – artwork that has a living quality.

The brand Encaustic Art is the original company to create modern encaustic painting tools and methods. These have evolved, and continue to be added to, providing the creative and inspiring Encaustic Art range we have today.

Mercurius is the wholesaler and distributor for Encaustic Art within Australia.

Artemis Plant Watercolours

Artemis Watercolours convey the lively character, the inner blaze of plant colours. The transparent Plant Watercolours are suitable for all watercolour techniques. Scumbling and layering produce a particularly intense shine.

Plant colours are light colours. They come into being through the living power of sunlight. Not a green leaf, purple hollyhock or yellow buttercup could shine out so colourfully as it does if it were not for the action of the sun. This distinguishes plant colours from earth colours, mineral colours and synthetic colours which, having been stored underground in the form of metals or mineral oil, represent the earth forces. Each plant has its own individual light aura, which the plant colour production process brings out in a unique coloured light.

Earth colours and synthetic colours make a dense impression. Plant colours on the other hand are full of light and movement, and have something extraordinarily vital about them. This is what gives them their special artistic expressiveness, and explains why they are so valuable in painting therapy.

Artemis Plant Watercolours are available as ready-to-use liquid colours, or as colour pigments. For optimum results, the viscous colour paste should be thorougly mixed with a paint brush and then slightly thinned with water. Dried paint can be easily reworked using water.

For painting with the colour pigments, a binding agent like the Artemis Wax and Resin Emulsion can be used. During the drying process the pigments, once embedded in the resin, produce a half scumble effect with extraordinary brilliance.

Opened jars and prepared paint are best stored in the refrigerator.

Mercurius is the wholesaler and distributor for Artemis Plant Watercolour products within Australia. Products are available by Special Order - please contact our office for more details on ordering. 

For further information, please visit the Artemis Website.


Giotto Art

Giotto Art


Choroi Musical Instruments

Choroi Musical Instruments

For more than 50 years, Choroi-musicians, teachers, therapists, instrument makers and co-workers have developed innovative music instruments which can lead to new experience. On one hand they are designed for a heightened listening perception. One becomes aware of a more subtle sound quality, of the materials from which they are made and of the space in which they resound. On the other hand, Choroi is developing instruments which are easy to manage and to play for everyone, adults and children. With Choroi instruments, music-making becomes infinite, which is especially important for the healthy development of children.

Choroi instruments are created by inspired instrument builders across ten independent, non-profit workshops around Europe. All Choroi instruments are made in team work by experienced instrument builders and disabled or socially disadvantaged people, who, in this way, make an important cultural contribution. Elaborate and patient hand work is as important for the making of a good instrument as it is to select high quality materials.

Today, Choroi is known worldwide for its innovative, high quality musical instruments. All wooden Choroi Musical Instruments use solid European wood with a linseed oil finish.

Mercurius is the wholesaler and distributor for Choroi Instruments within Australia.

Auris Musical Instruments

Auris (meaning 'belonging to the ear'), is a Swedish company who have been making high quality musical instruments since 1978.

All Auris instruments are designed by the original owner and director Kjell Andersson.  Along side the devoted instrument work, Auris also has a social commitment.  Since 1988, with the help of special adapted machines, a group of handicapped young people work side by side in a meaningful way in the production of the instruments.

Auris instruments can be found all over the world, with 95% of the production exported. They are valued by music therapists, in classrooms and by individuals with a ear for quality music.

Dipam Beeswax Candles

Dipam Beeswax Candles

Dipam is an ethical and socially responsible company who make high quality 100% beeswax candles.

Every effort is made to use materials that are renewable, sustainably produced and environmentally-friendly. A small organization employing up to 10 people, Dipam partners with and provides meaningful work for long-term unemployed and people with disabilities.

Burning a 100% pure beeswax Dipam candle brings 100% pure light and a little summer sun into your room or sacred space.

Mercurius is the wholesaler and distributor for Dipam Beeswax Candles within Australia.

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Nepalese Felt

Mercurius is the wholesaler and distributor for a range of unique, sustainable 100% wool felt products in Australia. Partnering with a small family business in Nepal to support sustainable practice and age-old techniques to hand dye and hand make quality felt products in small batches.

Made by artisans according to fair trade practice while providing training and employment in local areas, regardless of caste and creed and with respect for the environment.